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Justin & Luke NYC Marathon 2018

dazNbone were totally blown away by Justin and Luke’s journey to this years New York City marathon. As a cancer patient, Luke has already dealt with plenty of challenges and throwing marathon training into the mix was no easy-street. Following a16 week plan Luke just nailed big run after big run whilst Justin had his own dramas with some tough shift-pattern work. As marathon newbies they really had the ‘push hard and get a time versus finish well and enjoy every second’ dilemma. It was clear that the second option was always going to be the one that would warm the cockles and give them the run-joy that followed the high of raising well over £10,000 for their Mo-vember cause. You guys are just the most inspiring pair and #daznbone cannot wait to see what you do (and support you in every step)


“I was lucky enough to have daznbone’ David as my coach training for this year’s New York Marathon. My first marathon. In my 50th year.

I am, in the main, not a fan of having someone tell me what to do, so when daznbone offered their services I was hesitant.

I completed the marathon in 5:22. Not an auspicious time, but I am still doubly, triply chuffed with myself that I can say “completed”. This was almost entirely due to David’s expert coaching and guidance*.

He had more faith in me than I had in myself. He was continually supportive, wise and just plain bloody helpful. Always checking in on my Stravas... Not seen an update in a while? "What's happening, Just?" A gentle nudge here, a well timed question there. Let's have a little run together and see where we're at...

As it turned out David was the perfect coach; telling me what to do without telling me what to do!

A final testament is we're now talking about the next marathon. We've only just got started...”


Alex (@PeakPinole)

Alex from @PeakPinole training for Caballo Blanco Ultra 2019


It all started when…

Alex ( who has been collaborating with daznbone for a while regarding her @PeakPinole enterprise)  began putting together a team for the 2019 Caballo Blanco ultra and #daznbone asked her the question "So are you going to run it as well Alex?"

What followed was various conversations (mostly crazy ones - well this is Alex) about "being too determined", "getting constant injuries" and "leaving it to the ultra pros".

Classic opportunity for #daznbone to build a new and importantly carefully planned 'monthly' programme to help Alex grow both in terms of strong core, strength in the legs and the mental strength to see that she could be #intheteam

It's crucial that this is seen as a long/progression - there's no value in doing too much too soon and it's essential to build up that mental strength that will allow Alex to complete ultra type distances knowing that her knees will play ball.

Coach Daz feedback - "Please look after the knee and the sleep levels……  I would much rather you back off runs, get some rest and let the knee mend than trying to “push through it”.   This stuff is all about a steady accumulation of gains over weeks and months, and if you’re mega tired and trying to push through, the risk of more serious injury skyrockets.  That happens, it sets us back weeks and months.    So don’t worry/stress about trying to hit “the plan”.  Better that you do one or two runs this week and feel healthy than try to do 4 runs and it sets us back."



Martin @Xoomworks


Training with his friend Martin Longhurst to compete in their first 24 hour event. Challenge set to "take a peek at the current Team record and maybe..."


Martin has a classic back history when it comes to running. He has tried and failed on several occasions and over many years to feel comfortable doing more than 5km/10kms. He has had injuries and I guess more of that "I'm going to get an injury" feeling which has always caused him to consider stopping at the half marathon distance.

Fast forward to this last year and Martin has been (reading prolifically which #daznbone love) balancing things such as core strength as well as some great cross training and this has led to him feeling more confident in his running and achieving new pbs.

Martin came to daznbone when he signed up to take part in this years Spitfire Scramble - a 24 hour run where Martin was joining his long-time friend and run-buddy Martin Longhurst as a "2 man team". 

Following dialogue gives you a sneaky peek into the classic type of question we receive from clients and how we look at all ways to help:

Martin: "(Coach Daz)... seen the (Training Peaks) plan you added, thanks.  How specific do I need to be around when the rest days are?  The reason I ask and was gong to explain when we speak is I need to incorporate some other things I do into the training if poss.

I am doing open water swimming on Saturday mornings until mid-July (anything from 2-3km) and have 1.5 karate training on Sundays and most Thursdays - I am happy to do the runs on those days too if possible but they need to be the easier ones I guess."

Coach Daz: "Mate totally relaxed about it.  It doesn’t really matter about which days you run, just try to work it so that:

  1. you are not going hard/hard on consecutive days. So if you went out and did a 12 miler with David tomorrow at 8:30s, I’d be having a word after your run this morning. 5 easy lunchtime miles at 9s, totally cool….

  2. you’re in or around the weekly mileage target neither too low or too high (35 to 45 miles this week is perfect)

  3. it fits in around your work and other commitments. So if you have to sacrifice a run because you’ve got other stuff on then do that and be chill about it. Stress levels are a big influencer on performance so stay relaxed my man.