Ultra Marathon Coaching

Massively boost your running with our tailored coaching services, helping you reach new levels of performance

Always a High-5 and 24/7 support for daznbone Team

Always a High-5 and 24/7 support for daznbone Team


  • Questionnaire to understand your run goals

  • Your bespoke programme setup on Training Peaks. This will be tailored to you and your goal events, it is not a generic plan, and will be achievable but challenging

  • Three x 1 hour Skype or Phone calls to get started, track your progress and make adjustments. Unlimited email contact during the 12 weeks, we are very responsive

  • We will closely monitor your progress using Training Peaks and give you regular feedback. Sometimes we will probably tell you to slow down!

Always a Team in daznbone coaching plans


  • Kick-off Session via Skype or Phone 30-45 minutes

  • Getting under the skin of what your goals and drivers are - we want you to maintain focus and enjoy it

  • Harness what you are good at and focus on the other pillars to help you grow - diet/sleep/stress

  • Full data analytics using the coaching technology on Training Peaks

  • Daily programme of activity and daily emails on which you can provide comments/feedback

  • If you wish we will also build a nutrition plan into your schedule

Run possibilities are endless - #dreamtogether

Run possibilities are endless - #dreamtogether


  • DaznBone understand that the world of running and indeed endurance can take on many forms and as such you may want to discuss with us building an entirely unique way in which we can support you

  • DaznBone passionately believe in coaching in all facets of life

  • Examples include: bespoke training weekends (Trail running/Dorset coast) - support/crewing for international events e.g. Spartathlon - group/company plans