2019 Spring Marathon Coaching



At dazNbone we love all forms of running but we particularly love the mecca of Marathon. There’s something unique about pushing yourself for 26.2 miles. Very few endurance runners complete an ultra without a break (even a 30 second stop to fuel at an aid-station) but to run 26.2 miles without stopping is epic. To run 26.2 miles to the best of your ability (and maybe get a sub 4hr or lower) is something run-special indeed.

But to run 26.2 miles well takes work, and it takes a sensible plan. And if you’re aiming for an early 2019 marathon like Brighton, Manchester or the monster that is London, you have the small matter of the Festive Season in the way. If it’s your marathon debut, you may be feeling a tad scared right now. And if you’ve run marathons before but never quite hit the time you’d like, maybe you’re wondering if this time round will be any different. If you don’t train different, chances are it won’t be.

Why not let us build an individual plan for you.

Using the same passion we do in everything dazNbone related, we will discuss your marathon experience and ambitions with you, and create a plan tailored to give you the best chance of hitting your goal. We will hook you into our Training Peaks system, make you feel supported with daily comms, be online to cover off prep for new runs and discuss runs just completed. With kit and nutrition support factored in we will get you to 26.2 nirvana.

We will only have a small and manageable set of athletes at any one time. So if you do join us we will do everything we can to ensure that you feel the benefits of this.

What else can we promise you:

·       Get extra motivation during Winter months

·       Coaches that will help you select 5/10km/Half marathon races leading up to your marathon

·       Proactive guidance on staying injury free

·       Be part of our dazNbone Marathon team and Community

What is the cost?

A one-off event specific programme with us is £250. This is usually to cover a roughly 12 week period but for an April 2019 marathon for example, if you join in November then you are getting nearly 6 months!

What others say:

Simon (training for Manchester Marathon 2019) “I’m loving the daznbone attention to detail. I’d struggle to be as motivated to get a sub 4hr without their energized support”

Jeff (training for Dubai Marathon 2019) “dazNbone’s progressive approach to getting me beyond the half marathon and onto 42kms has been really cool. Checking off weekly goals has been great. The little details, messaging and Training Peaks analysis is real fun.”

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